The 6 Core Values

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Faith isn't just practiced as having faith only to God. But of course, faith in God is the most important thing but we also got to have faith on the other things that we do in order for us to advance or get what we want. Yes, the first thing that will enter each and everyone's mind upon hearing faith is "GOD" but we have to focus well on what we are doing and have faith in our prayers and we will be assured that we can get what we prayed for.
The word faith should not be taken for granted. We got to have faith that when all else fails, God absolutely has better plans for us. We may not get it as soon as we prayed for it but that's how it goes, we have to have faith that one day, someday, what we prayed for will evantually be given to us by God.
God wants us to be secure in our relationship with him. The certainty of knowing our names are written in heaven, frees us to serve him with our lives. After all, Jesus reminded us that this was the priority issue.

A Sense of Nationhood

First thing that associates my mind upon hearing the words "a sense of nationhood" would be helping and contributing to our neighbors. Each one of us must have a sense of nationhood. Since we are all created in the image and likeness of God, we are supposed to show concern and help to our neighbors at times when they are in need. We should be of big help to those in need because God is helping the needy people through us, through our help.
Sense of nationhood isn't just about helping but also about loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Social Responsibility

Being socially responsible can shape and maintain behavior that affects individual choices, social justice, and environmental protection. It is important for a person to be socially responsible because it is through this value that one can measure the persons priorities, as well as his/her responisibilities.
In this value, this makes us aware of what is happening globally. This value also involves hard-work, patience and courage.

Professional Competence

Upon hearing these two words, perseverance and hard-work enters my mind. It is important for a person to be professionally competent because it is through this that one can test a person's values in work. Being professionally competent can advance a person. If he/she is professionally competent, a person may be able to handle pressure problems at work or anywhere.
This Benildean core value can help advance a person and can be of big help to any individuals.


Creativity is an essential value because in this value, people can play in their imaginations and through that, can compose something out of their thinkings and their creations can contribute a lot to the society.
People can advance through this value and can be of big help as well if they use their creativity in the most appropriate manner.

Appreciation of Individual Worth

Appreciation of one's worth is a very important value. Being appreciative is the sole word that enters my mind upon hearing this. It is very essential to appreciate one's work because through that, we can brighten a person's day and can bring smile to his/her face when we learn how to appreciate each and everone's worth.
When we appreciate one's work, we should not just do it just for the sake of doing so but this value involves sincerity as well, whether we really appreciate the worth of a person or not.